What to do next…

Call the people who you can rely on the most. At All Elements Insurance Restoration you can rely on us for every step from claim to settlement to restoring your property. We are a company licensed as both public insurance adjusters and general contractors, making us uniquely qualified restoration specialists. This enables us to navigate the claims and repairs process with ease so that you can return to your everyday life.

To better help you in the claims process, let us first address the difference between water and flood damage. The simplest distinction between the two is identifying where the water originated from. Did the water rise? Or did the water fall? If the water fell and accumulated from a burst pipe or rainstorm that got inside, it is water damage and would be labeled such by your insurance. If the water rose from an overflow of an outside body of water or runoff then it would be flood damage.

Living in Florida, the concept of flood damage isn’t a new one. With hurricanes visiting our state as literally a force of nature, properties are subject to the devastation in which this entails. With Hurricane Harvey just at America’s back we turn our sights forward to Hurricane Irma. Hurricane Irma, which is currently posing a danger to the southeast, has everyone preparing for what is to come. When it comes, however, our team is ready to help you in the aftermath. As a dual purpose company we can tackle your flood damage efficiently from all sides by fortifying your flood claim and refortifying your property.

How we can help with Flood Damage Restoration

All Elements Insurance Restoration can help you wade through the rough waters of the flood claim process while also dealing with the literal waters plaguing your property. We staff water damage restoration experts and equipment for use 24/7/365. Our office also has a state licensed certified general contractor at hand to aid you in rebuilding your property and get you back on track! Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you with your flood damage!

Quick Response: 24/7/365 Emergency Response Flood Repairs

Your home or business has been flooded. An immediate response is needed to combat the damage done to both your possessions and your property. We can swiftly assess the damage dealt to file your flood claim as well as what is needed for repairs. Let us help restore you to your normal.


In addition to providing emergency water extraction services our office is a fully licensed state certified general contractor providing everything you need to get your life and property back to normal. We service all major cities in FL including Port Saint Lucie, Fort Pierce and Vero Beach

Quick Response


Due to the nature of water damage, a prompt response is our first priority. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can contain and mitigate the damage. Since mold can form rapidly in the presence of high humidity, drying out your property quickly is essential. We spring into action to dry out your home as quickly and efficiently as possible. Crews work diligently to clean, dry, disinfect, and deodorize salvageable items. Meanwhile, our insurance experts work with you to inventory and document the damage, file insurance claim paperwork, estimate the value of your water damage loss, and obtain a fair settlement so that you can restore the property to its pre-loss condition.