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In the past two months Florida has undergone a state of crisis in the form of a natural disaster and the recovery after the fact. Many homes and businesses were damaged by Hurricane Irma and all that transpired in the beginning of September. While surviving a hurricane is not how anyone wanted to kick off the fall season, we are left to deal with the damage dealt. What do we do, however, if the damage inflicted on our properties lead to the growth of mold? With water damage at a high during such a storm, the idea that mold would become an issue seems a likely, yet undesirable outcome.

Take a deep breath… outside. Mold can be incredibly dangerous to any resident’s health and should be dealt with quickly. Mold can spread and cause more damage to the structural integrity of your property so don’t wait to call a professional! Trying to get rid mold yourself with bleach may cause further damage. When treated improperly, mold spores release particulates into the air that can settle in your lungs and cause significant damage to your well-being. Don’t risk your health at the hands of mold. Reach out to an experienced mold remediation specialists straightaway for the removal of mold in your home or business.

All Elements Insurance Restoration is dual licensed to facilitate you in the removal of mold as well as helping you through the claims process. Our experts aim to fully restore your property back to its original condition as well as advocate on your behalf to obtain the compensation you are due by your insurance company. Our experts take immediate action to contain and clean up any water damage that caused the mold as well as documenting everything for your insurance company. You don’t need to go through this alone; call us today to talk to a professional.

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