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Fallen Tree - Restoration Service

If your treasure coast property has been damaged by fire or water, then you will need to act quickly.  This type of damage is not uncommon in South Florida and if you have become a victim you will need help.  Hiring restoration services to bring your property back to working is the only way to insure its value.  Today we are going to learn more about restoration service in South Florida and how the process can benefit you.

What Restoration Services Offer

Restoration services offer a wide range of processes that will help restore your property back to good health.  These services are very important and are often required by the insurance company.  Hiring a licensed restoration company to meet your needs is very important.  Below we will learn more about what you can expect when you hire a restoration company.

Water damage:

When you hire a restoration service to come to your property they will bring specialized equipment with them.  Depending on the type of damage you have they will begin restoring your home or buildings by removing all of the moisture left behind.  Both fire and flooding will cause water damage.

Mold removal and restoration:

Once water damage has occurred mold is likely to be present.  Dealing with this mold is very important because it can make you very sick.  A certified restoration company will have the proper equipment to spot mold and safely remove it from your property.

Fire Damage:

Fire damage and smoke damage will turn your world upside down.  In addition, cause your home to be unlivable.  Getting rid of this damage and bringing your property back to life will protect its value.  Damage boards, flooring, and drywall will all need to be removed.  This will allow for new construction to begin.

Wind Damage:

The Treasure Coast is no stranger to wind damage.  Over the year’s, hurricanes and tropical storms have affected this area of South Florida.  Wind damage can affect roofing systems and send flying objects into windows.  A certified restoration service will be able to assess the wind damage on your property and begin repair work.  They will also help you get the ball rolling on your insurance claim because that is an important part of the restoration process.

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