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When a hurricane hits, it often turns life on its head. With Hurricane Irma refusing to be the exception, many Floridians are left to deal with the aftermath of this storm without power and a surplus of anxiety. So your house or business is damaged and you need help with the restoration and submitting a claim. You are not alone! Hurricane Irma has reportedly caused up to $100 billion in damages to Florida. All Elements Insurance Restoration has a strong background in proper restoration procedures as well as a profound understanding of the insurance claims process.

Submitting a Hurricane Claim

Our staff is experienced in the claims process and knows how to handle larger claims. With hurricanes, multiple damages may need to be filed with each having their own procedures laid out by your insurance company. These damages may include flooding, water, and wind damage.  Our professionals are very thorough in our search to find concealed structural damage that might have been otherwise missed after a storm to be sure that you are submitting a claim for everything you need.

Hurricane Restoration and Repair

First and foremost it should be stated that we do not get paid until you do. All Elements Insurance Restoration does not collect payment until your claim has been paid out by your insurance company. This allows are team to stay within your budget and restore your home quicker after a hurricane without your having to wait on your insurance company. Our insurance restoration team is dedicated to restoring your property to its original, pre-loss condition.

All Elements Insurance Restoration services all major cities in Florida including but not restricted to Port Saint Lucie, Fort Pierce, and Vero Beach. We staff wind and water damage restoration experts and equipment for emergency use 24/7/365. Contact us today to learn more!

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