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When hurricanes make landfall, they deliver an onslaught of inclement weather including intense winds, heavy rains, and storm surge, which when unleashed on a home in concert, can completely annihilate the structure. Storm surge can flood homes tremendously, and in some serious cases, entirely. The incredible weight of several feet of rain on the roof can cause it to collapse, or the foundation to fail. There’s been cases where a strong gust of wind during a hurricane has ripped the roof clean off of a home. For a home to survive a powerful and deadly hurricane, it must be completely prepared for the worst possible outcome. All Elements Insurance Restoration would like to give you some tips on getting your home ready to withstand a storm this hurricane season:

Glass Home Fixtures

One of the facets of a hurricane that has the most potential to damage your home is wind. Wind can easily pick up and fling objects through glass windows and doors. In most cases, any object flung into a glass door or window will completely shatter the fixture. During the worst part of the storm, avoid any rooms that have glass openings in the windows or doors to stay safe. If this means you must cramp in a bathroom with your entire family, then do it. It’s always better to be uncomfortable and safe than comfortable and sorry in the event that something life threatening happens. To prevent any awry items flying through your window, invest in hurricane shutters. Hurricane shutters are the easiest way to protect your windows or glass home fixtures in the event of a storm. But, if you’d rather not invest in hurricane shutters, boarding up the windows with plywood will provide sufficient protection.

Maintaining Outdoor Areas

Well in advance of the hurricane making landfall, bring all of your outdoor objects inside. Things like patio furniture, plants, and other outdoor items should be brought in to prevent them from damaging the home due to the strong winds. Any items that are too large to be brought inside should be anchored down and secured with chains or strong rope. Bring in all gas or charcoal grills, and never store propane tanks in the garage or anywhere else in doors. Instead, chain the propane tank to a secure object that is a considerable distance away from the home.

Insurance Policies

Before the storm makes landfall, you should make sure your insurance policy will cover the damages caused by a hurricane. In most cases, standard homeowner’s insurance will not cover floods. To receive flood insurance, you should go through the National Flood Insurance Program. Your home insurance should cover not only the structure of your home but the contents as well.

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