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Fallen Tree - Restoration Services on the treasure coast

Has your home been ravaged by fire or a flood in the Treasure Coast area?  If so, you’ve probably already been through a lot.  Getting your life back to normal can seem like an impossible task.  But you must pull yourself together and begin picking up the pieces.  Hiring restoration services on the Treasure Coast is one of your first steps.  Finding a restoration company that you can trust is very important.  Today, we are going learn what to look for when hiring this type of service.

Look for These Important Factors in Hiring Restoration Services on the Treasure Coast

  • How long they have been in business:

    Before hiring restoration services in the Treasure Coast, ask potential companies how long they have been in business. Companies that have been providing restoration services for more than a few years will know how to properly conduct a restoration.  On the other hand, avoid those companies who are new to the industry because they might lack the important know-how to the job properly.

  • Ask to see proof of insurance:

    When dealing with a potential restoration company, ask to see proof of insurance. Having insurance shows the company’s professionalism and will help protect you in the event something happens.  Insurance will cover any damage caused by the company and any injuries that may occur on your property.

  • Get their references:

    Before hiring anyone to come onto your property, make sure to ask them for references. Having several good references will give you peace of mind knowing the quality of work the company produces.  If no references can be provided, avoid the company at all cost.  Not being able to provide a list of satisfied happy customers should always send up a red flag.

  •  Ask them about their workload:

    Many restoration companies get really busy during certain times of the year.  So before you hire a company to start working on your property, ask them about their workload.  You wouldn’t want to be put on the back burner if the company you choose has a lot of customers ahead of you.

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