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A property fire can be a serious situation that can put your life on hold.  After the fire has been brought under control, often times a major damage is left behind.  The process of restoring your property back to normal can be a difficult process.  This is why hiring the right fire damage restoration contractor is so important.  Below we are going to go over some tips that will help make the hiring process much easier on you.

Four Helpful Tips When Hiring a Fire Damage Restoration Contractor 

  1. Choose a trustworthy contractor:

    When you hire someone to work on your property, they will need to be completely trustworthy. A great way to ensure that the person you hire is on the level is to check their Better Business Bureau rating.  Most companies will be listed on their website and you can find out how they stack up.  Also, any complaints that the company has will be listed on this helpful site.

  2. Make sure they are insured:

    Any fire damage restoration contractor that is serious about the work they do will be insured. Having insurance means that not only their employees will be protected but their clients will be covered as well.  This will help protect you from any damage that might occur during the restoration process.

  3. See how long they have been in the business:

    Before you hire a fire damage restoration contractor, see how long they have worked in the industry. The longer a company has been dealing with fire restoration the more experience they will have.  This can greatly benefit you, the property owner, by having someone that knows what they are doing working on the project.

  4. Make sure they can fit you in their schedule:

    Some fire damage companies are really busy, especially during the winter months. During these times, your restoration project may get placed on the back burner.  So before you sign any paperwork, make sure the company you choose can start working on your restoration right away.  The longer you have to wait for the job to begin the longer your family life will be interrupted.

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